“At this very moment my mom is making a phone call to the only clinic in Southern California that does the eye surgery that I need, telling them that she will be able to pay out of pocket (because of stream donations),” he said. He was previously unable to afford this surgery because they didn’t take his insurance. He also said he’s signed a partnership deal with Twitch, and he’s hoping the money from subscriptions can help fund a summer trip to Algeria. “Honestly all these donations have given me, a 17 year old, a level of financial security that I cannot even begin to fathom,” he said.


After this incident, Bahriz said he feels like people should understand that disabled players exist, and they’re all over the place. “You think I’m the only one who manages to play this game semi decently with a handicap? Look at Handi, dude has no arms and still destroys people.”

“It really shouldn’t be that difficult to distinguish a troll from an actual disabled person. Had the players that kicked me looked at my profile for one second they would’ve easily seen that I’ve been a member of ESEA for far longer than them and have much higher karma,” he said. “So just try to be more respectful and considerate of the people you play with. I understand that trolling and bad stuff happen in CSGO but there is a line that cannot be crossed, and people need to learn to recognize where that line is.”