DirecTV Unplugs Video Game Channel G4

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X-Play is on pause for DirecTV subscribers. The satellite TV provider has dropped video game-centric network G4 from its line-up today, with DirecTV saying it has "no plans" to bring back the cable channel for its 18 million U.S. customers.

DirecTV said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly that rising costs are partially to blame for the provider dropping the network. It defended its decision to nix G4 by labeling it "among the lowest rated networks based on the latest Nielsen data," saying that it would prefer to carry content "more relevant to our larger customer base."

G4 is owned by Comcast, one of DirecTV's biggest competitors and the largest cable operator in the United States. Despite that seemingly comfortable position, G4 does not seem pleased based on its statement.


"We are very disappointed with DirecTV's decision to drop G4 as of November 1, 2010," reads the response from G4. "We have done everything in our power to reach a fair and equitable long-term extension with them to continue to carry our network. This is especially frustrating since our offer to them was the same basic deal that we've had with DirecTV for the past three years. However, DirecTV rejected this offer thereby denying their subscribers the only network dedicated to today's web-inspired, tech-savvy, gamer lifestyle."

G4 is best known for its video game and tech shows X-Play and Attack of the Show, as well as lifestyle stuff like Web Soup and Ninja Warrior. It's also pretty well known for running Cops. Lots and lots of Cops.

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Fuck G4, TechTV was the shit until the MTV-wannabe G4 moved in and bought it.

My favourite shows like The Screen Savers and Unscrewed got turned into absolute shit piles.

It stopped being a cool-geek channel into a frat house recruit wannabe and that just ruined it for me. I still watch X-Play here and there but even that went downhill, it went from being an actual informative review to being a 3 minute runoff for metaphors and pretty lame jokes.

The only show I even care about nowadays is Reviews on the Run and EP daily (not sure if that runs in the U.S but it does in Canada.

So you know what ... who cares if G4 is going to die, I know Sessler is too much of a celebrity not to get his own show and EP will continue to run on its own. Attack of the show is a joke (not a funny one but an embarrasing one) and I don't care about any of the other garbage that runs from that channel.