Our own Michael McWhertor spent the better part of a day last week meeting with Blizzard and playing through a healthy chunk of Diablo III.

What did he find out? Plenty.

For instance, Blizzard is going to require gamers to stay online at all times to play their game. There will also be an auction house where players can sell the goods they grind out of a dungeon. You can even get real cash for those sales.


The upcoming beta, McWhertor writes in his extensive preview, "feels like the click and kill experience that made the previous games so immediately gratifying more than a decade ago. Diablo III's early acts feel atmospherically in tune with the previous entries, filled with runs through undead spewing graveyards, infested cathedrals and dark caves overflowing with creepy crawlies. Already, it feels infinitely replayable, thanks to the now standard stuff-randomly dropping loot, randomized dungeons and a strong cooperative multiplayer experience."

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