Dig Gold, Build Stuff, Kill the Enemy in King Arthur's Gold

For around a week now, I've been meaning to write up a post about King Arthur's Gold, and never got around to it. I am truly sorry about this. So today, without further ado: King Arthur's Gold.

If I were to be crude and unfair with a sweeping generalisation, I'd say it's a cross between Worms, Fat Princess, and Minecraft. Seeing as that's both crude and unfair, though, you should just know that the game is about digging up gold and getting it back to your base.


The trick comes with the fact there are two teams digging, and that the terrain is not only destructible, but you can build stuff out of it as well. So you can build forts for the enemy to knock them down, or dig up gold only to have the enemy kill you and cart it back to their base.

You can grab it from here.

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