Did These Horrible Deeds Clinch EA's Spot as America's Worst Company?

Game publisher Electronic Arts took home the grand prize in The Consumerist's Worst Company in America contest, and they don't seem pleased about it.


But do they deserve the gold star? How do they stack up next to the other finalists? Let's go through the four companies that made it to the Final Four and run down some of the misdeeds that likely brought them there.

Electronic Arts

  • Sells downloadable content. Sometimes on release day.


  • Often criticized for running small businesses and independent retailers out of business.
  • Working there is apparently tantamount to actual hell on earth.
  • There's an entire Wikipedia page called "Criticism of Walmart."


  • Straight-up terrible phone signal service.
  • Unanimously booed at Sony's E3 conference last year (when Sony's Jack Tretton announced that 3G versions of the PlayStation Vita would exclusively use AT&T's network), presumably because of terrible service.
  • Can't even get service in my own goddamn apartment.

Bank of America

Who should have won? I guess that's up to you.



I don't get this at all. What has EA done that's actually even bad? Is this just a "butthurt about ME3" thing?