After game developer Bethesda released a patch—Version 1.02—for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gamers took to the forums. Many rejoiced, noting that the PS3 freeze issue appeared fixed. Now, some folks are saying the patch hasn't made things better. It's made them worse.


"I have experienced dragons not wanting to fight and flying backwards staying as far away from me as possible as seen here," reader Tim told Kotaku. It's apparently happened to him six different times.

"As a matter of fact since the patch I have been unable to fight a single dragon," Tim added.


In the above video, which wasn't taken by Tim, you can see a dragon flying ass-backwards. This isn't the only bug that players are supposedly experiencing post-patch. The folks over at The Elder Scrolls Forums are drawing up an unofficial list of nagging issues.

"I too experience the dragon flying backward phenomenon and often times it will all of a sudden shoot up into the sky and never come back down," added forum user Balistadae.

According to other forum members, post-patch, there are still memory issues, frame rate problems, a bookcase bug, the ability to use weapon racks, the inability to place items on tables, decreased character strength, and many more.

Keep in mind, these are not glitches and bugs experienced by all players. Many players are reporting no issues whatsoever.


"Frame rate/performance issues still remain, takes longer to start happening than pre patch +1 for me too. It's the most crucial for me," wrote Bethesda forum user Astargatis.

Other are reporting frequent crashes since the patch. Hopefully, Bethesda will continue to patch the game, addressing persistant bugs and glitches. It just might not be at a speed that pleasures gamers eager to enjoy the game.


Still, a backwards flying dragon? That sounds more like a feature to me.

Unofficial Bug List [ Thanks, Tim!]

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