Well here's an interesting coincidence.

The image on the left is a monster from a 2002 Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual called the Nightmare Beast, drawn by artist Wayne Reynolds.

The image on the right is the August edition of talk show host Rush Limbaugh's newsletter, the Limbaugh Letter.

The similarities are uncanny. So uncanny, in fact, that when alerted to Limbaugh's letter, Reynolds himself said the legal team of Dungeons & Dragons license-holder Wizards of the Coast might be interested in this story.


The Limbaugh Letter credits designer Christopher Hiers for the image. It does not seem to credit Reynolds, Wizards of the Coast, or any other party involved with Dungeons & Dragons.


I've reached out to Hiers to ask if he took this illustration from D&D. I'll update if he responds.

(Thanks, Paul!)