Or better? These are actually called "Akiba Sandals" and are from a Japanese pop group.

Unlike real Crocs, these sandals are modeled after kaiju feet and... make a squeaking noise when you walk. It is possible to "turn off" the squeak.

In Japan, Crocs are still quite common, especially in summer, because people need slippers they can easily put on and take off when entering and leaving the house for casual errands—or, if they're kids, going outside to play.


Developed by Alice Project, the Akiba Sandals are by one of its idol groups, Mask Girls—as you can see in the top photo. Priced at 1,500 yen (around US$15) a pair, they're currently on sale in Akihabara. And no, they have not surpassed the popularity of regular Crocs in Japan, but they could have a following among the group's fans or the country's geek subculture.


Honestly, I can't decide if these are an improved version of Crocs or a worse one.

音が鳴る靴あきばサンダルとは? [Akiba Sandal]

Photos: Akiba Sandal

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