Diablo III's Hardest Difficulty, Cleared Without Using Weapons

Diablo III player dm204375's weaponless run on Torment 6, the game's hardest difficulty level, is just something to make us all sad—us, who are still struggling to clear lesser Torment levels properly.


The player's using an especially strong version of the very popular 'Jade Doctor' build for Witch Doctor characters. Pets, with the help of set item bonuses and the characters skills are doing the dirty work.

As you can see it takes the player 18 minutes to clear the Rift and another 13 to kill the Rift Guardian boss. All on Torment 6. Not bad.

No weapon Torment 6 Jade Doctor [YouTube, via r/diablo]

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Straw Hat

Personally I'd be more impressed if he cleared everything without wearing pants. In fact I'd love it if there was a series where someone went about beating games without pants.