Diablo III Will Have Player Vs. Player Ranked Battle Arenas

Diablo III will let my team beat your team in an arena. The big news at the Blizzcon 2010 kick-off today was that the game doesn't just have its fifth and final class. It's got player vs. player arenas, with team support.


Blizzard Entertainment's Chris Metzen debuted a trailer during the opening ceremonies that revealed the feature.

Blizzard's trailer showed frantic battles pitting as many as three characters against three others. the battles are staged on Blizzard-designed maps (no random generation). Success will grant players "bragging rights" and points that accumulate and lead toward multiplayer achievements and titles, according to the official Diablo III site.

Blizzard isn't talking about un-ranked and 1v1 PvP yet. The official site indicates that those are things the team is still "looking into."

The trailer raised the question: Who will triumph and who will lose their ear?

We ask: When can we play it? It's playable at Blizzcon. But we still don't know when Diablo III will be out. Next year?


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