Diablo III Sales Were Awesome, But Blizzard Isn't Sure How Awesome

Blizzard wants to brag about how well Diablo III sold at launch. And they're throwing a lot of numbers out there.

They're saying that it's the fastest-selling PC launch of all time, saying that 3.5 million copies have been bought in the first 24 hours. Okay, great! But, wait, that number doesn't reflect the people who got Diablo III through World of Warcraft's Annual Pass. Hmm, all right. Still, that's 4.7 million people ready to thrown down in Sanctuary.


Hold on, though. That number also doesn't account for Korean internet game rooms, where people pay for access and not physical copies. Still, it's the most-played game over there, even if they can't peg a massive figure onto how many people are playing it in that country.

So, congratulations, Blizzard! Even with a rocky launch, you've made history. Just how much history is a little bit unclear.

Diablo® III Sets PC-Game Launch Record [Blizzard]

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