Heck, it doesn't even exist. That's why South Korea blogger Laptick decided to create it. Well, at least the packaging and the Game Boy cartridge.

What better way to mark the launch of Diablo III's first expansion, Reaper of Souls?

Via tipster Sang, blogger Laptick shows off his handiwork. Here is the box he created.

Pretty cool! And the cartridge, with the instructions:


Put the cartridge in, and...

Switch it on.


Isn't the magic of Photoshop amazing? So, no, Laptick didn't program a Game Boy version of the game. Instead, the blogger created these nifty graphics and did a bang up job of digitally adding them.

Nice work, Laptick! You've allowed us to imagine a green and black retro Reaper of Souls that could've existed in an age long before compulsory internet connections.


[Game Boy] '디아블로 III - 영혼을 거두는 자 (GB用 ディアブロ Ⅲ)'|작성자 랩틱 [Laptick's Nostalgia Thanks, Sang!]

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