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Diablo III Gets Its First Expansion Pack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Reaper of Souls is the first expansion for Diablo III. Blizzard revealed a whole new act, a new hero called The Crusader and the act boss: Malthael.

What has been revealed so far, behind closed doors [Updated]:

  • The expansion is called Reaper of Souls.
  • The new, playable, mid-range melee class is The Crusader. Focuses on flails, shields and it is inspired by Diablo II's Paladin. Uses "Wrath" as a resource.
  • The level cap is increased to 70. This means new runes and skills for every class. And hopefully a fresh economy on the AH.
  • Act V (probably Westmarch) will be dark, filled with graveyards.
  • The final boss will be Malthael, the angel of death.
  • New monsters will include some nasty fallen angels like The Seraph, The Summoner of Death, The Executioner or the Death Maiden.
  • New endgame feature - Loot Runs: These runs will be completely random dungeons, with several levels and a random boss at the end. Clearing them would take 15-20 minutes.
  • A new ally, The Mystic will appear in town. He's capable of rerolling one of the stats on rare and legendary items. Similar to World of Warcraft, he can also transmogrify (change the look of) items.
  • The Paragon level system will be now account wide, and no longer has a cap (you heard it right).

Blizzard also released the expansion's CG animated opening and a gameplay teaser. You can check them out above and below, respectively.

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