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Devil May Cry PSP Cancelled

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For years, we've been hearing how Devil May Cry is coming to the PSP. There was a PSP version of DMC 3 that was supposedly playable at E3 in 2005!


Back in 2004, when Sony released a list of 100 software companies who were supporting the PSP platform, a Devil May Cry title was mentioned in the list of "scheduled" or even potential PSP game.

Well, it's 2009. Where is it? Canned, apparently. The latest issue of Famitsu shows Devil May Cry for the PSP as "suspended from retail sale" — a mere five years later.


When contacted about this, Capcom replied, "Devil May Cry was once listed in a long string of titles in potential development for the PSP when the system was first announced."

PSP版「デビルメイクライ」、発表から5年後にこっそり発売中止に [はちま起稿]