Devil May Cry Creator Doesn't See 3D Action Game Evolution

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3D action games haven't evolved? Hideki Kamiya, the brains behind defining 3D action game Devil May Cry doesn't really seem to think so! Over on the official Bayonetta site, Kamiya's blogging echoes his earlier comments about 3D gaming:


How have 3D action games evolved since we blazed a new trail with DMC? Can you even go so far as to say they've evolved? Seven years ago, we put everything we had into Devil May Cry. But since then, like the hands of time for the 3D action genre were frozen at that moment, it seems like the drive to push users further has stopped. There is so much more that should be done now. And we are the only ones who seem up to the task. This is the spark that has lit the fire within me.


Ah, don't you love it when game creators have fires in their bellies? Way more uplifting than when they're burnt out and crazy. Also in his post, Kamiya says to believe him and Platinum Games that the upcoming Bayonetta "will be worth the wait." Alrighty, then.

"Pushing 3D Action to a New Dimension" [Sega UK Thanks, Screenshot!] [Pic]

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Brian Ashcraft

@Garro: How could he be planning DMC5? He doesn't work for Capcom.