Developer Receives Death Threats Over New Devil May Cry Game

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I've never been as besotted as others are with Devil May Cry's Dante. He looks like Carmen Sandiego-turned-serial-killer and has all the action hero swagger of a male hairdresser. So news certain fans of the series have made death threats to developers Ninja Theory over the character's new appearance are...well, either disconcerting or hilarious. Probably both.


Speaking with the Official Xbox Magazine, Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has said that even though he and his team were fully prepared for a backlash over their reimagining of the classic character, "I have to say that it has been pretty eye opening to see some of the creative ways in which people have chosen to vent their hatred. We didn't expect death threats in comic book form or anti-DmC death metal songs!"

At least the threats were creative. I guess.

Ninja Theory has received death threats over Devil May Cry reboot [OXM]



I hope that artwork isn't an accurate representation of the games' tone.

It's just still sits as odd with me, why Capcom would reboot/re-image the character. Perhaps it's more Dante than it comes off, but man, it's not as though Dante was a character who was dwindling in popularity.

Devil May Cry 4 was cool, because you could play as Dante. YES! MvC announce Dante as a character, YES! Capcom decide to then go and do

I won't say the game will be bad, it might be very good. But why, oh why, do this?