Developer: Not Many People Hook Their PSP Up To The PSN

Dylan Cuthbert, boss of PixelJunk creators Q Games, has told G4 that few gamers bother hooking their PSPs up to the PlayStation Store.

"At this time, we have no plans for more stuff on the PSP", he told the station's blog. "I don't think it's piracy that has deflated sales, I just don't think many people hook their PSPs up to the PSN store yet. We only enjoy making games if at least a few people play them! So everyone, hook your PSPs up to the store and download some games!"


Maybe people are still scarred by the way you used to have to connect to the PlayStation Store, before the PSP got wi-fi access to it? That was an awful process. Those scars run deep.

Reaction Time: Q Games Reflects On Their Latest Downloadable, PixelJunk Shooter [G4, via Edge]

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