Developer Announces DLC For 11-Year-Old Game

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Running With Scissors' Postal 2, the insane first-person shooter where you rampage through the small town of Paradise in Arizona, was released on April 14, 2003. It's old. You can get it for a few bucks at GOG, it's that old. And yet, over eleven years after it first came out, Postal 2 is getting a new expansion pack.


The existence of a whole new expansion pack for an 11-year-old cult FPS might come as a surprise, but if you look at how many free updates the game's got since its Steam release—new guns and new features, many of them coming from popular mods—it's a bit more understandable. According to Running With Scissors themselves, fans have been requesting a new expansion for quite some time.

"To be honest we never even thought about making an add-on for Postal 2 until it became obvious that the core Postal fans and new blood gamers would love it," RWS told Inside Gaming Daily. "Running With Scissors has always functioned more like a club than a company. Over the years we have survived with fans becoming interns and interns becoming team members... And since the beginning it seems no one wanted to help us out except our fans, real gamers, that's what makes the whole Postal/RWS story so rich."

The Paradise Lost DLC pack for Postal 2, featuring the Postal Dude's return to Paradise after an eleven-year absence, will arrive to PC this Fall.

Paradise Lost [RWS Forums]

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Does it still have the cat suppressor?