Deus Ex's New Content Has Boss Battles (but They Might be Better)

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a masterpiece which was only sullied by a number of poorly-designed, ill-fitting boss battles. The bad news is that the game's upcoming DLC will also include a boss battle. The good news?

Deus Ex developers Eidos Montreal will actually be developing them. A big problem with those found in the main game is that they were actually handled off-site then dropped into the game, which at least partly explains by they felt so off.


"We have a boss battle at the end, but it's different from the main game boss battles," Eidos Montreal's Marc-Andre told Eurogamer in an interview.

"You can actually not kill the boss. You can do a non lethal takedown on him. And you can kill him from afar. You can even kill him without him seeing you. It's more of a bigger challenge than a standard boss fight like we have in many games."

"Everything was done in Montreal at Eidos. It's a lot less frustrating. But it depends on the way you play. If you played more combat in the main game, you probably didn't have any trouble dealing with the boss fights. So we allow the adaptation of the way you play for that particular boss fight."


Exactly how it should have been in the main game. Ah well, better late than never! Deus Ex's new DLC, Missing Link, will be out next month.

Deus Ex DLC includes new boss battle [Eurogamer]

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It's just astounding that they outsourced that kind of game aspect in the first place. It really boggles the mind.

And also, how can they have done that, and then not seen the issue through, again; boggles the mind.