It’s high time to bring back Deus Ex. There’s precedent: It’s not like the series hasn’t previously sat untouched for years only to mount a revival. Only, this time, there’s a narrative left unfinished. (The catch: Given how long it takes to develop big-budget games, a new entry might not come out until the year Human Revolution actually takes place.) Companies, of course, love money more than a good story. But there’s financial impetus here, too. In a 2017 earnings report, Square Enix pointed toward Mankind Divided as a key factor in the company’s overall profits. And during a livestream announcing today’s sale, Embracer Group noted how the two recent mainline Deus Ex entries had sold more than 12 million copies—nothing to sneeze at.


Sure, this all might sound like an obvious call to action. After all, Deus Ex is Eidos Montreal’s most visible series. It’s not like some international mega-corporation would burn hundreds of millions of dollars just to bring back, I don’t know, Thief (2014).

Haha, unless…