Deus Ex Free Next Week

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Been a while since a game really worth playing (beyond Super Baseball 2020) turned up on Gametap's free-to-play service, so it's nice to be able to report on one. Deus Ex. Starting next week, anyone who downloads Gametap's launcher program can enjoy the game without paying a cent. There's worse ways to get hold of one of the best PC games of all time. Like, you know. Paying for it.


Deus Ex Coming to GameTap's Free Game Roster Next Week [Shacknews]

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Heh. I remembered that I had the GOTY edition of this on an old CGW DVD. Not hoping much, I loaded it onto my Vista machine (updated to SP1). Surprisingly, other than a little glitchiness with the sound, it plays just fine (I was prepared to try it out on a VHD install of 98SE I use for experimentation purposes). Oh well, maybe I will try System Shock 2 next ^_^.