Detective Pikachu Director Explains A Most Unexpected Easter Egg

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Pokémon Detective Pikachu is full of Easter Eggs—namely, a bunch of Pokémon getting cameos. You’d expect that! But there is one Easter Egg I was surprised to see.


[Note: This article includes spoilers]

During one scene early in the movie, Justice Smith as Tim Goodman goes to his missing father’s apartment.

On the TV, an old movie is playing a scene from Angels with Filthy Souls, the fictional gangster movie that Kevin watches in Home Alone.

Last month in Tokyo, Kotaku asked director Rob Letterman why the Home Alone movie-within-a-movie appeared in Detective Pikachu.

“Truth be told, we were just looking for the perfect placeholder,” Letterman said. “There was this full movie which we found on YouTube. It’s this whole thing, and Mark Sanger, our editor, dropped it in, and it just fit perfectly. We could not beat it. And it came down to the wire and we were like, let’s just embrace it and we licensed it. It’s just cool. It’s just a funny easter egg that people may or may not notice.”

So there you have it. Detective Pikachu and Home Alone don’t take place in the same universe. This was just a cool thing the filmmakers added. Noted!

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Martin Drkos

Don’t you mean: Detective Pikachu and Home Alone do take place in the same universe?