The wraps have been taken off Left 4 Dead 2's funland setting, with information on new special infected, settings, objectives and...clowns.

The campaign - Dark Carnival - takes place across a variety of locations, from a hillside to a hotel to the carnival itself, where Valve promises that some of the attractions will be actually be functioning, and playable.


As far as new stuff goes, there's a new t-shirt for Ellis, an electric guitar to use as a melee weapon, a clown zombie that's able to call other zombies over to him and a new special infected: the jockey. Who does what a jockey zombie would be expected to do, and jumps on a survivor's back. To ride them.

While a jockey is on a survivor's back, the player loses control, and is usually steered away from their pals and towards a horde of zombies.

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