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It's no secret that you can get your virtual self killed—or at least space-shipwrecked—pretty easily in EVE Online. It's a game of shifting alliances, of diplomacy and economics and war. A player flying around solo, in a small ship, is likely to find himself easy prey.


One player, stewie Zanjoahir, apparently wasn't thinking about how hostile the world of EVE Online can be when he set out across a certain segment of space in his Atron, a small, fast ship. It wasn't fast enough, as he was taken out by two other players.

The Atron doesn't have an enormous cargo hold, but as many have observed through the centuries, expensive items can come in very small packages. The ship was carrying an extraordinary number of valuable blueprints. The total loss came to over 213,000,000,000—that's 213 billion—in ISK, an in-game currency. As Massively translates in their report, that's over $6000 of real-world value.


The loss appears to have shattered the previous record for the value of a lost cargo, which stood at closer to $1000. The next highest value kill in the past 7 days was a ship worth 76 billion ISK.

It seems there's a lesson here about putting all of one's eggs in one frigate.

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EVE Online player loses tiny ship worth over $6,000 [Massively]

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I've actually been considering getting into a MMO.....Is this the type of game I could get the hang of rather quickly? And also.....What the grinding like? If there is any......I've played a few MMO's in the past and the grinding always turned me off from reaching the level cap.