The hunt for Destiny’s most mysterious weapon is over—and it ends not with an epic puzzle but with a single heroic strike.

Anyone who played through the first part of the Sleeper Simulant quest—which started yesterday and consists of two story missions, a puzzle, and a whole bunch of waiting around—will find a new quest at the Gunsmith today called The Sleeper Stirs. Though it’ll say to go do The First Firewall, even if you’ve done it already, the quest actually unlocks a new level-42 version of the Fallen SABER strike that you can find right on your director:

This strike can be a little tough—especially the beginning section, which asks you to defend yet another Warsat—but this version’s got matchmaking, so you should be able to do it on your own unless you get stuck with a bad team.

If you don’t see the quest, you probably haven’t finished the first part of the hunt—follow this guide and make sure you’ve done it all:


If The First Firewall isn’t available, you may have to wait a few days—Bungie says it’s a temporary mission that will “return in time.”

Anyway, defeat the Fallen SABER and you’ll get this piece of work:


Bring it to the Gunsmith and...


Yep. That’s it. The weapon everyone’s been waiting for.


I must say I expected this quest to be longer and more difficult, given Bungie’s declaration in Game Informer earlier this year:

...Bungie doesn’t want to spoil the story content of this mission, but it did say that there will be unique tasks and objectives required for completion, which might even include puzzles that are too hard for any one player to figure out on their own.


But alas. All that hunting was for nothing, really. Turns out the hardest part of the Sleeper Simulant quest was not falling asleep while waiting for those damn Warsats.

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