Destiny's Raid Doesn't Take That Long, If You Know What To Do

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The first time a clan beat The Vault of Glass, Destiny's massive raid, it took them ten hours. That's because they had to learn what to do along the way; nobody could tell them what to expect. Now, though? People are practically blazing through the raid.


It makes sense. Now that more people have gotten a chance to throw their helmets in the ring, they're documenting the raid, they're learning what needs to be done and when. Hell, some people are even writing walkthroughs for the raid. So it shouldn't be surprising that groups like Ben Broman are now starting to beat it in less than two hours (1:50, to be exact):

Impressive stuff! You need lots of coordination to pull this all off, after all. And the thing is, the Vault of Glass is only going to be beaten faster and faster as people figure get better at going through it. Even folks who know what to do are still making mistakes that cost them time, so it should be interesting to see how records for Vault of Glass develop and change.

Have y'all gotten a chance to try the new raid out? Have you beaten it? How long did it take you? Let us know in the comments.


And once a complete walkthrough has been made, it becomes really easy to PUG groups for it. You usually only need one person who knows how the fights work to be able to make a successful PUG. Too bad Destiny doesn't have any social options to do that.