I spent this morning powering through the first main story quest of Destiny: The Taken King, a video game about how cool Nathan Fillion is. I am happy to declare that everything about it is excellent.

We’ll have day-one impressions later tonight—and a full review much later, once we’ve played through the raid—but for now, here’s a brief look at one of the surprising ways in which Destiny’s missions have changed.

SPOILER WARNING: Don’t scroll past Oryx if you don’t want to be spoiled on the content of one of The Taken King’s surprising new missions.

Late into The Taken King’s first quest, you have to go deep into Crota’s End. You’ve defeated Crota already, sure, but for Plot Reasons you have to go steal part of his essence.


And then... there’s a stealth mission! A stealth mission! In Destiny! Seriously! Watch this video I shot today to see a chunk of what that’s like:

Everything I’ve seen from The Taken King is fantastic so far. More to come.

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