Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space doing the Carlton on as many planets as possible, will now let you spend real money on dances. Finally.

As of this afternoon, the Eververse Trading Company is open for business in Destiny’s Tower. And as you’ll see through a series of annoying prompts that pop up when you enter the game, you can now spend real money on an in-game currency called Silver that you can use to buy emotes.


You can buy packs of Silver on the PlayStation Store in packs of 500 ($5), 1,000 ($10), and 2,000 ($20). The two most expensive packs will also give you small bonuses of 100 and 300, respectively.

Rare emotes are selling for 200 Silver each, while legendary emotes (including the Carlton, which is referred to in-game as “Enthusiastic Dance”) cost 500. That’s $2 a pop for blue emotes and $5 for each purple one.

When you log in, you’ll get 400 Silver for free, which is enough for two blue emotes but not enough for any of the high-end purple ones. I went and bought myself the ability to congratulate everyone I see:

These microtransactions—which we expect to expand to include other cosmetic options like sparrow skins and shaders—will help support Bungie as they release a dripfeed of free content over the next few months, as we reported last week.


Also included in this afternoon’s big update are a bunch of other changes including the opening of Iron Banner, the nerfing of Black Spindle, and the erasure of Shot Package. Bungie’s also alleviating some of the pain of the awful Crucible bounty quest by making it so you only have to do it once per account rather than once per character. (Read the full patch notes here.)

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