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Destiny's Hair Is Fabulous. Step It Up, Other Games.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Video game hair rarely even looks acceptable, let alone this good.

If you've been playing the Destiny beta and you're anything like me, you spent an inordinate amount of time in the character creator picking out your character's hairstyle. That's because the coiffures in this game are straight-up fabulous, and even the crustiest 'dos are still a head and shoulders above your average video game hairstyle.

I don't know who at Bungie is responsible for the hair, but whoever they are, they deserve a raise. We players may only get to see our character's hair when we're knocking around the game's home base, but we can go adventuring secure in the knowledge that under their helmet, our hero is looking super dreamy.

Human dudes look great:


Human ladies look great:

Awoken ladies look great:


And so do the awoken dudes:

Even the robots get hairstyles:


I have a couple of favorites:










The gauntlet has been thrown, other games. May Destiny lead us into a new era of fantastic video game hair.


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