Destiny Will Come To An End With T-Shirts

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On March 28, Bungie will launch the Age of Triumph, an event that they’re describing as a celebration of all things Destiny. In addition to updating old raids for current light levels (390), the Age of Triumph will come with a massive 13-page record-book full of tough achievements. Beat enough of them to hit “rank 7" and you’ll get a t-shirt.


Yes, this is Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space for thousands of hours just to get a t-shirt. It’ll come with your PSN/XBL name and everything.

Bungie is also adding weekly featured raids, which will add new challenges and rewards to Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, King’s Fall, and Wrath of the Machine. Once each raid is featured, you’ll be able to play it at light level 390 from that point onward. (They’re starting with Crota’s End, then Vault of Glass, then King’s Fall, then Wrath.)

Of course, Destiny won’t go away when Destiny 2 comes out this fall. Bungie says it’ll stay online for the foreseeable future. But this will be the last new content we ever see in everyone’s favorite space shooter. End of an era.

Correction (1:51pm): We originally said that the t-shirts were free, but alas, it looks like you’ll have to pay for them.



You sure it’s free? We had to pay for the Moments of Triumph shirts.