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One of my favorite new things in Destiny, a video game filled with horrible jumping puzzles, is a horrible jumping puzzle. Specifically: climbing a bigass mountain.


The new social space in Rise of Iron, which came out yesterday, gives you access to a snowy mountain range called Felwinter’s Peak. The new social space, Iron Temple, is a solemn fortress in the middle of this mountain range. It’s full of wolves, statues, and big torches. And then there’s the jumping puzzle.

You can—and should—go through a series of frustrating jumps to get to the very top of Felwinter’s Peak, where you’ll get a Dormant SIVA Cluster (we don’t really know what these do yet) as well as the satisfaction of knowing you climbed the goddamn mountain. It may take you an hour or two, especially if you’re a Warlock (come on Bungie), but it’s worth it just to see the view.


Or you could spoil yourself and just watch this video:

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