Destiny Players Somehow Two-Man The Final Raid Boss

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Over the weekend, two Destiny players beat Oryx, the final boss of the King’s Fall raid, without any backup. Yes, two.


The feat was pulled off by CommanderCuesta of The Legend Himself clan, along with his teammate A Death Card. If you’ve played the King’s Fall raid, I highly recommend watching. It is ridiculous. Check it out:

The Oryx fight is designed for a full team of six. Played “properly,” it requires three players to stand on platforms and allow a fourth to go grab a relic that makes it possible to survive each round. Without the relic, everyone dies at the end of each round. I could imagine four players beating the fight that way, but two? Impossible.

Of course, that’s assuming that you do the whole platforms+relic thing in the first place. For the two-man strategy, they skip the platforms and the relic entirely, opting instead to stand up on the witch platforms in the middle of the room and focus on the ogres, which drop the corrupted light orbs that can actually damage Oryx.

First they carefully corral the ogres without actually killing them, then take them out just so, which makes it possible for each player to detonate one or two corrupted lights apiece. Without the relic, the corrupted light still kills them… but they’re both playing as sunsinger Warlocks, so as long as one of them has their super charged up, they can revive themselves and cancel the game-over.

This isn’t the first time the Sunsinger’s revive has been used in a crafty play—it’s been used for a couple of tricks in the first two raids, and made the bridge section of Crota’s End particularly trivial. While this two-man strategy is a trick—I don’t think the kill-everything events in the Oryx fight are meant to be survived by any means—that doesn’t make pulling it off any less impressive.

Next up: Soloing Oryx. It may seem impossible... but surely we know by now that no Destiny feat is truly impossible. Who think they’ve got what it takes?


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