Destiny Players: How Much Have You Spent On Microtransactions?

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Today, Bungie added some expensive, unexpected microtransactions to Destiny that will let players level their characters (slightly) faster in exchange for (a lot of) real-world money. In light of that news, I’m curious how much y’all have spent on the game so far.

Back when Destiny’s in-game microtransaction system launched, we polled readers on which emotes they’d purchased. Now that we’ve had a few events like The Festival Of The Lost and the Sparrow Racing League, the number of things players could theoretically spend their money on has greatly expanded. Sounds like a new poll is in order!

Notes: If you want to go back and check your purchase history, that’s great, but you can also just ballpark it. I’ve rounded up, so if you bought a single $4.99 pack, that counts as $5. If you haven’t played Destiny, you could accurately say you’ve spent zero dollars on microtransactions, but let’s keep the voting to actual Destiny players, yeah?


Let’s do this:

I’m curious to see the numbers on this one.

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Gene Jacket

Exactly $0, and will never drop a single cent on the matter of principle, as I had spent close to $200 on Destiny before they introduced microtransactions.

The fact that they’ve added them to this game I find insulting, and has cheapened my experience since their addition. I was fine with dances, dances affected nothing, but as soon as the Festival of the Light started and one could buy his way into a full set of masks, the ugly writing was on the wall. Now, between the inclusion of paid gear, cleverly disguised as a record tracking book, sparrows that are better than what can be obtained in-game for SRL and today’s grossly overpriced Lvl 25 boosts, the whole things is starting to feel scummy.

I seem to be in the minority on that, though, considering packs of Silver have been among the most popular things on the PSN and XBL since they launched. I suspect a lot of people are going to stretch the truth, if not outright lie in this here poll.