Even with a full six-person fireteam, it can be tricky to beat Destiny’s most recent raid boss, Oryx. Taking him down is a complicated fight that requires perfect timing and coordination from six experienced raiders. Unless you just say ‘screw it’ and do it yourself.

Meet Gatsby, a Destiny player who has spent many hours trying to accomplish the ridiculous task of soloing Oryx. After figuring out a few integral strategies—with help from other Destiny community members—he finally pulled it off. Watch here:

In short, Gatsby was able to skip the entire platforming section by A) guiding the vessel knight away from the light orbs so he couldn’t eat them; and B) using the warlock’s self-resurrection super to revive every time the orbs exploded, since he didn’t have the brand for protection.


The best part of this run? It’s all legit. No exploits or cheese here—just meticulous play. Now let’s see if he can do it on Hard.

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