Whatever platform you plan to play Destiny on, you can snag $10 Newegg credit by pre-ordering today. | PS4 | One | PS3 | 360

Frozen | $13!

The Logitech G930 Wireless 7.1 is your runner-up for Best Gaming Headset, and since your winner was the Astro A50, the G930 is the best affordable option for most people. $90. [Newegg]

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 featuring The Room II

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S5 just went on sale today, and Verizon users can grab it for $100 from Amazon. Based on the Gizmodo review, this is the new best Android phone for a lot of people, especially if you value battery life and picture quality, which you should. [Amazon]

Amazon is currently out of stock, but that won't last long, so lock in the deal price while you can.

Space Battleship Yamato hits blu-ray April 29th, and you can pre-order for just $10. For those not keeping score, that's really, really cheap for a new release blu-ray. [Amazon]

The Jawbone JAMBOX line is your favorite series of bluetooth speakers, and today you can save big on the latest iteration, the MINI JAMBOX, which starts at just $106. By starts at, we mean the price varies by color, but fortunately the "graphite" is the most universally appealing and the cheapest. [Amazon]

Anker 4-Port 36W USB Wall/Travel Charger | $20

Today's Amazon Gold Box features flash storage ranging from 16GB to 2TB, and we're not talking external hard drives. See our coverage here.

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