Someone Hit Level 30 In Destiny

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People figured out how to circumvent Destiny's soft level 20 cap shortly after the game launched two weeks ago, and now one player has reached the next milestone: making it all the way to level 30 with one of his characters.

The player is Mark Edward Neace Jr, an American member of the clan Tier 1 who plays Destiny under the handle "N3AC3Y." The first line of Neace's Twitter profile now reads "World's 1st LvL 30 Destiny," so you can tell that the achievement means a lot to him. And why wouldn't it? Shortly after reaching this new high in Destiny, Neace took to Twitter to celebrate the way any gamer would:


Here are the stats for his now-famous Hunter character, as pulled from Neace's profile on

  • Defense: 1463
  • Light: 120
  • Agility: 7
  • Discipline: 48
  • Intellect: 308
  • Strength: 115

The one stat that stands out here is the Hunter's Light. As Kirk explained last week, in order to get past level 20 you need to acquire special armor that will help boost your light stat, thereby adding to your overall level. There are a few different ways to do that. At least one of these involves lots and lots of loot-farming. The Destiny players here at Kotaku have conflicted feelings about this, which Kirk detailed in our review last night.

Neace apparently spent 107 hours, 15 minutes and 22 seconds playing Destiny before he reached level 30. In case you think that means he just sunk most of his life over the past two weeks into an endless cycle of alien-killing and loot harvesting, his profile in the game shows that he also has two other hunter characters as well—one at level 20, the other at 21. According to Destinydb, a quarter of Neace's 107-plus hours were spent playing the game's competitive multiplayer mode. Another 13 hours were devoted to playing the game's epic first raid. It's therefore difficult, if not impossible, to take Neace's total playtime as a marker of how long it takes just to reach level 30 with a single character. Amidst their charming celebration on Twitter last night, Neace's team therefore observed that part of his achievement was that he used his time in the game wisely:


If you're playing Destiny and itching to keep leveling up, make sure to check out Kirk's handy guide for how to push past level 20.

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Mortal Dictata

This is one of my problems with the game. Once you hit lvl 2o it suddenly goes from effort based (xp) to random luck by hopefully getting armor with a decent light rating. What makes this even more stupid is the fact that the main way to get armor (emgrams) are governed by a flawed system where you don't always get a decent item (I did the farm cave for about 30 minutes, got about 20 rare emgrams and upon opening them only got uncommon items).