A trailer for the new Destiny DLC Rise of Iron has leaked out a little early, and it contains something thatā€™ll twist the knickers of everyone who played the game back in its launch year: the rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is back.

Itā€™s sporting the same design, only now you can get it in ā€œIron Blackā€. And while thereā€™s a pre-order pitch to get hold of it, hopefully itā€™ll be available for everyone else as loot in the game as well.

The fine print for the Gjallarhorn pre-order offer. Maybe everyone else who completes the same quest just gets regular olā€™ Gjallarhorn?

Thatā€™s kind of a big deal, because Gjallarhorn was a weapon of choice in the early days of the game, when it was massively overpowered. At Taken Kingā€™s release last year, though, it didnā€™t get any upgrades, meaning that while it was still technically in the game it was left behind in favour of Year Two gear.


Hereā€™s the trailer. Thereā€™s a shitty SnapChat bit at the start (death to portrait video!), but the full widescreen clip kicks in soon after:

Update: Added official trailer after leaked trailer was pulled

If you missed it earlier today, some details on the DLC spilled out from an Xbox store listing. You can check that out here.


Oh, and if the trailer gets pulled, here are some gifs showing the new story, new gear and new bad guys:

Oh hello there Captain Badass
That new black/red armour is magnificent


New raid boss. Nope.