Destiny DLC Intro Leaks On YouTube

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It's Thursday, which means it's time for a new Destiny leak. This time around, it's the cinematic intro for the upcoming 'The Dark Below' DLC, which Bungie will release on December 9.

Says YouTuber Mr Jester6598:

This is the opening cinematic for the Dark Below DLC out next month. I can not explain how to get access to this video on the game as it was due to an error that i was able to see this. As far as i can tell, this is the first video put on youtube of this... If someone else has posted this clip already, i was unable to find it... Enjoy

The Dark Below comes with some story missions, some new PVP maps, and two strikes (unless you're an Xbox player, in which case you'll only get one). Most importantly, we'll get a new raid, this time to take down Crota on the moon. Can't wait.

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Nicholas Stango

Wow that intro screamed Blizzard! I'm interested to know if they like borrowed a team or just took heavy cues.