Destiny Clan Does An Absurdly Elaborate Michael Jackson Tribute

It’s Halloween in Destiny, a game about traveling the solar system destroying evil aliens and green engrams. Halloween brings with it goofy masks, novelty items, and if we’re lucky, dance routines.


Enter the tenacious terpsichoreans from Husky Raid, who are back with their most elaborate dance routine yet. They’ve tackled Gwen Stefani, Backstreet Boys, and now they’re taking on the King of Pop himself. (Side note: That original Gwen Stefani video is and will probably always be my favorite fan-created Destiny thing. I could watch it a hundred times.)

I cannot imagine how much rehearsal it took for six players to be able to coordinate that many moves, all while waiting for their various abilities to charge up. One wrong move and everyone has to wait for their supers to re-charge… pop a heavy… man. Respect.

Kotaku Editor-at-Large

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Just about all one cut, I’m impressed.

Also, surprised how many dancing animations can be strung together in Destiny.