Destiny 2 Team Beats Raid, Unlocks New Activities For Everyone

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After 18 hours and 48 minutes of playing, a Destiny 2 team named Clan Redeem were the first players in the world to finish the game’s Last Wish raid that released yesterday. When they defeated the raid boss, some new changes appeared in the game for every other player of Destiny 2.

When players entered The Dreaming City after Clan Redeem completed the raid, they were treated to a cutscene that explained some of the events that triggered a curse that flowed out of the raid zone and impacted the world of Destiny 2. As Bungie hinted on their Twitter, the death of Riven of a Thousand Voices has set off an unpredictable chain of events.


In practical terms, the changes that have been made to Destiny 2 are varied. There is a new Strike called The Corrupted to play, which Kirk Hamilton told me is “very, very cool.” There’s an additional story mission that can be picked up from Petra, and there’s a new Gambit map called Cathedral of Stars.

Players are also reporting things like a new heroic mode for The Blind Well event and some new corruption-y visual effects that appear in The Dreaming City.

This isn’t the first time that Bungie have locked interesting new things behind raid completion. Emperor’s Respite, a Crucible map, was unlocked for all Destiny 2 players after the first completion of the Leviathan raid last year.

It seems that people are still discovering neat new side effects of the massive battle, and it is unclear which of these things will reset on Tuesday, so a lot more remains to be discovered and revealed in the aftermath of the raid completion.

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On one hand, yeah, it’s absolutely totally fucking cool that the game world changes based on advancements made in end-game.

On the other hand, it’s a lot of dev work for something that literally only happens once, and only to the people who happen to be engaged with the game at that particular moment in time. Unlike me, who hasn’t played D2 since launch and hasn’t gussied up for the expansion because I wasn’t able to justify the cost/time investment at launch because of IRL circumstances.

Moving forward, players who join the game won’t ever know that something significant happened, something big enough to change the entire game world. Me missing out on that experience isn’t really encouraging.

And, even for players who were playing back when it happened, in a month they’ll probably forget all about it, settling into the new status quo and not really ever thinking about how cool that thing that happened sometime in the distant foggy past. Unless I’m wrong and it’s the opposite and the fact that it only happened once and that they were there to see it probably makes it more meaningful to them, I suppose.

I want to say that it’d have been better if it were a per-player or per-clan unlock of some sort. But even then that’s tough, because it’s unreasonable to demand that every single player beats the raid just to access some cool new content.

idk. I have mixed feelings. It’s very, very cool. But I wish there were a better way to implement it so that it’s meaningful to all players, not just the ones who were there at the time.

inb4 ranting about how salty I was that I started playing WoW a week after the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj opened...