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Destiny 2 Leak Reveals Shadowkeep Expansion, Set On The Moon

Illustration for article titled iDestiny 2 /iLeak Reveals iShadowkeep/i Expansion, Set On The Moon

A spanking hot new leak has revealed the next Destiny 2 expansion, and it’s set in the place from which wizards come. Shadowkeep, which will take Destiny players back to the moon, will go live this fall.


Bungie plans to officially reveal Shadowkeep during a livestream on Thursday afternoon, but word has leaked out today thanks to dataminers digging through the PC files in today’s big Destiny 2 update, Season of Opulence. (The above screen is likely meant to pop up when you log into the game after Shadowkeep is unveiled on Thursday.) The moon was one of Destiny 1's major locations, but has not yet made an appearance in the sequel, which came out in 2017.

The pre-E3 leaks never end! More coming during Bungie’s stream on Thursday.

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...that expansion came from the moon!