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Despite Breaking Records, Ludwig And Other Streamers Who Jumped Ship Aren't In Twitch's 2021 Recap

Ludwig made the jump from Twitch to YouTube in November

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
This baby can fit so many Twitch Recaps (just not Ludwig, DrLupo, and TimTheTatman’s).
Gif: Ludwig

Apparently, the rivalry between Twitch and YouTube is so cutthroat that Twitch has dipped into revisionist history with some of its former streamers. Ludwig, DrLupo, and TimTheTatman were removed from Twitch’s end of the year celebratory recap event.

Twitch Recap, the platform’s equivalent to Spotify’s end of the year Wrapped feature, appears to have removed ex-Twitch streamers Ludwig Ahgren, DrLupo, and TimTheTatman from the recap after they jumped ship from the website to work exclusively with YouTube Gaming.


Ludwig’s removal from Twitch’s recap in particular is a glaring omission given that he broke Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ previous world record for the highest number of subscribers with more than 270,000 subs after a 31-day streaming marathon in April.


Ludwig’s partnership with YouTube Game was announced on November 29. And Twitch probably didn’t take too kindly to Ludwig’s subtle but tongue-and-cheek announcement video where he’s seen leaving a purple car that explodes only to drive off in a red car that Ludwig says is “pretty much the same,” just with the added bonus of not getting in trouble for playing music. Twitch and YouTube’s main colors, of course, are purple and red, respectively.


Ludwig voiced his disappointment with Twitch’s recap yesterday.

“Although I understand it from a business perspective it’s still sad to be erased from so many people’s years,” Ludwig tweeted.


Ludwig did, however, receive his flowers in the form of replies from fans and other Twitch streamers. YouTube animator Ross Donnovan said Ludwig’s inclusion would have been “damn well earned.” Socialist streamer Hasanabi, who’s currently on day three of his Twitch ban following his full-throated use of “cracker” with a hard r, jokingly asked if he was even in the recap (he is). Fellow ex-Twitch streamer DrLupo responded simply with a laughing emoji.