Unlocks aside, Valve's Steam service works pretty damn well. One thing it's always been a little lacking in, though, has been its appearance. The latest redesign helped, but it's still a little cluttered, a little messy.

So designer Josh Collie thought he'd take a swing at redesigning the thing. I like what he's come up with. I like it a lot.

Not only has he refrained from making any dramatic changes, instead opting to just spruce up the existing colour scheme, but the way he's simplified things would make it a little easier to use, especially for those new to the world of PC (or, you know, Mac) gaming.

Best part? It would work on a big screen TV, something the current system struggles with (to the point Valve is working on a "big picture" mode just for them).

Steam Redesign [Josh Collie, via Reddit]