Desert Golfing's Sequel Is Out Now!

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Here is the most pleasant of surprises: a full-blooded sequel to mobile time-annihilator Desert Golfing, one of the finest mobile games ever made, has been quietly released on both iOS and Android over the weekend.


It’s not Desert Golfing 2 though, because really, for a game that felt like it literally never ended, we don’t need any more deserts. What we’re getting instead is another planet, because the game is called Golf on Mars:

I love that there is official background to this premise:

For centuries, philosophers and mathematicians have gazed up at the night sky and wondered:

“Is there Golf On Mars?”

The year is 2866. Mars is 35% terraformed, finally enough to allow the playing of the game of.. Golf!

Golf across an infinite* rocky Martian surface. Discover golfing obstacles that make us Earthlings gasp in awe!


*Infinity is impossible to represent on any non-quantum computer. In actuality there are roughly 25,770,000,000 golf holes in this game.

It’s available now on iOS and Android.

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They seem to get a little crazier with the terrain, but the big difference is there’s no set left/right boundaries anymore.

You can see the end of the game by golfing backwards for a bit. You can overshoot your hole, past the next hole, and with an unlucky bounce past the hole after that, and have to go way back.