Making anime is difficult! There are all those frame to animate. There are deadlines. It's rough work. And sometimes, the end result isn't quite up to par.

Previously, Kotaku showcased bad animated images, which are called sakuga houkai" (作画崩壊). As mentioned before, not all these types of images are accidents! Some are drawn this way on purpose. Whatever the rationale was, they stick out.

Let's have a look at some of the best bad animation:

[Photo: blog-imgs-56]

You might want a doctor to look at that.

[Photo: mocheblog]

The vanishing fist.

[Photo: Emily_Ribon]

I knew Conan was small. I did not know he was this small.

[Photo: Viper]

There is nothing strange about the size of her head in relation to her face. Nothing at all.

[Photo: gooveravillage]

That's...not his ear.

[Photo: Buzznews]

He's standing on the swing, right? Not the ground, right?

[Photo: blog-imgs-52]

Tiny people!

[Photo: Korehide]

What the hell happened to Chopper?

[Photo: blog-imgs-50]

I count one, two, three, four, five, six fingers. That explains the surprised expression!

[Photo: pds.exblog]

Peanut-head Gundam are the best Gundam.

[Photo: Yaraon]

Nice nails. Or claws. Whichever.

[Photo: A-mp]

I can't put my finger on what's wrong with this one.

[Photo: moeponzu]

More bad hands.

[Photo: toe1012]

Anpanman has an interesting way of carrying people.

[Photo: Yam]

Not Kenshin's best moment.

[Photo: 1topi]

Can you recognize this character?

[Photo: skyle]

Makes sense.

[Photo: kzho]

Bad hands meet bad arms.

[Photo: Imgur]


[Photo: vampiregallon]

He's speechless.

[Photo: blog-imgs-37]


Top photo: PRCM

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