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While we were busy having cookouts and watching fireworks, Atlus spent July 4th telling everyone about the release date and bundle contents for the deluxe edition of their upcoming PlayStation 3 action RPG Demon Souls.


I'm curious to see why Atlus decided to announce the release date for Demon Souls on the Fourth of July, rather than waiting two more days when everyone was back in the office. I am imagining a dramatic series of events involving a speeding bus that cannot go below 55 miles per hour or it will explode, or a bearded man in a darkened room, stroking a Persian cat as he lifts a phone receiver to his face and mutters, "issue the release" in a sinister British accent. Either way, Demon Souls is coming out on October 6th.

The game will run you $59.99, but for $10 you can score the deluxe edition, which comes with a 150-page strategy guide not available anywhere else, along with a special cover to house the game / guide combo. On top of that, fans who preorder either version will get a Demon Souls art book, which GameStop will be out of when you go to pick it up. This always happens.


It's an interesting addition to the Atlus Spoils program, but I'm used to said program adding extra swag for free. This is more of a strategy guide bundle than it is a special edition, isn't it?

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