Demigod Network Issues Should Clear Up This Week

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Stardock President and CEO Brad Wardell assures the Demigod community that networking issues should be clearing up this week, and everyone who bought the game is getting a coupon for another copy half-off.


Demigod has had less than and healthy start so far, with GameStop selling the game early, piracy running rampant, and of course, tons of networking problems, which can be a real killer for a game with a strong online focus. Wardell, posting as Frogboy on his Stardock Impulse blog, assures us that significant breakthroughs have been made regarding networking issues, and that the connectivity issues some users have been having will be going away this week.

Along with the networking news , Wardell also detailed plans to get more players online and playing the game. He explains that the initial networking problems cause Stardock to halt marketing for the product, and that once the issues are fixed marketing will kick in full swing. He also reveals that a multiplayer demo is in the works, soliciting existing players for ideas on how to best limit a demo while still allowing demo players and retail players to play together.

Finally, in a move that should both pull in new players while satisfying the day-one adopters, every person who has purchased the game from the day it went on sale up until May 10th will receive a coupon good for half off an additional copy. So if one of your friends is looking into buying the game, tell them you'll pick them up a copy and can pay you back, pocketing the difference.


Demigod: Breakthru [Skinning the Frog - Thanks Davis!]



I wonder why they never implemented a "key check" on their servers a la Blizzard or Valve. That would definitely cut down on the number of illegitimate copies playing. perhaps allow 1 key to play up to a certain number at a time or even just do 1:1. Pirates can create their own servers and it wouldn't impact paying customers.