Delicious Looking (And Totally Fake) Super Mario Sushi

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Screenshot: Nendo Zaiker-Snail/YouTube
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This is like the fake food you see in front of Japanese restaurants, but with Nintendo characters.


YouTuber Nendo Zaiker-Snail created this Mario sushi from polymer clay. You can see the process in the 12-minute Japanese language clip below.

What really sticks out is how this seems somewhat possible with real sushi. Make the Mario logo with tuna, for example, tamago for a Question Block, and uni for a Goomba. Of course, serve with pickled ginger in the shape of a star!

Nendo Zaiker-Snail has other Nintendo-themed polymer clay creations, like this Kirby breakfast sculpture.

Which looks delicious.

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This looks anything but delicious. It looks plastic.