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In today's well-designed edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Monsieur.Froid wonders if anyone else has a home full of useless video game crap, or if it's just him.


Does anybody else decorate their abode with video game 'swag'?

I have, from the Bioshock 2 Collector's Edition, the lithographs framed and matted, along with a poster of Booker and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite from a friend who went to PAX, on my wall. I have my Fallout 3 bobblehead sitting next to a postcard of Plan 9 From Outer Space between a couple of stone paintings of Sir Francis Drake and Archangel Michael. My Fallout 3 lunchbox is sitting under a framed image of Bogart and a case of Gordon's Gin from 'African Queen.


Other than those, I have my LittleBigPlanet 2 bookends on one of my bookshelves, a couple of sackboys next to my childhood stuffed animal in the top bookshelf of my closet, all of which is then set up in front of my Bioshock 2 CE case.

After this Autumn/Winter season, I plan on having Uncharted 3's case and statuette next to the lunchbox, and Arkham City's statuette on the other side, making it a bit symmetrical.

It seems a bit odd to have it all out in the open, but I enjoy it. These are things that I enjoy, and each one of them actually seems well made, instead of just being flimsy junk. The lithographs look great, the lunchbox gets a lot of (positive) comments, and I can always entertain my little cousins by giving them sackboys to play around with. I just really wanted to know...does anybody else enjoy showing off their video game memorabilia?

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