Decades of Horror Game History, Condensed into Three Gory Minutes

I love this, but where do I go to complain about the lack of System Shock 2?

NOTE: This video is NSFW. It is also not for the squeamish. Lotsa gore in here, folks.

The short was created by a UK-based three man group to accompany their Kickstarter for a documentary series about horror video games, but really, it stands pretty well on its own. In three minutes, we get to experience a comprehensive (if System Shock 2-less) history of horror gaming, with brief moments from both indie and triple-A games, retro and modern alike.

History Of Horror Video Games In 3 Minutes [Vimeo]

Playing With Fear - The World Of Horror Video Games [Kickstarter]

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What is the game at 1:11 with the giant woman's head in the room?